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25 November 2011 @ 07:45 pm
fanmix; and my thoughts turn to you (finn x rachel ; glee)  
Medium: Television
Fandom: Glee
Subject: Finn/Rachel
Title: and my thoughts drift to you
Notes: Starts in canon, goes to future. Comments are appreciated!

(larger images)

and my thoughts drift to you; a (future) finn x rachel fanmix">and my thoughts drift to you; a (future) finn x rachel fanmix (download .zip)

01. (infinite arms / band of horses)
when my thoughts drift to you

02. (2 atoms in a molecule / noah and the whale)
like two atoms in a molecule inseparately combined /
I'm not trying to write a love song just a sad, pathetic moan

03. (sensible heart / city & colour)
I get so distracted /
at times so self destructive with no intent or warning, but behind this emotion there’s a sensible heart /
I’m no king, I wear no crown, but desperate times seem over now, yet still I weaken somehow and it tears me apart

04. (they don't know / ben gibbard)
when I look at you, they don’t see what I see /
and I don’t listen to their wasted lines /
cause they don’t know about us, they’ve never heard of love

05. (ceiling of plankton / givers)
you make me feel, you make me blush

06. (calling and not calling my ex / okkervil river)
you look the same on tv as when you were mine /
so go turn their heads, go knock them dead, go break their hearts

07. (white apple / blind pilot)
so if I haunt you, if I do, if my shadow leans up on you too /
I’ll just leave a light lit for you to walk

08. (ghosts [that we knew] / mumford and sons)
oh that gave me such a fright, but I will hold on as long as you like, just promise me that we’ll be alright

09. (heartlines [acoustic] / florence and the machine)
this fantasy, this fallacy, this tumbling storm, echoes of a city that’s long overgrown, your heart is the only place that I call home, can I be returned?

10. (only one / adele)
you’ve been on my mind, I grow fonder every day, lose myself in time, just thinking of your face /
nobody’s perfect, trust me I’ve learned it /
so I dare you to let me be your one and only

11. (nothing can change this love / sam cooke)
make me weep, you can make me cry, see me comin’ and you pass me by, but nothing, nothing can ever change this love I have for you /
if you wanted to leave me and roam, when you go back I’d just say welcome home

12. (beautiful morning light / fruit bats)
press your lips upon this hornet’s kiss, and I will blow the tiny spider off your wrist /
you’re the only one I wish to lay here with in the beautiful morning light
soph: ginta bbploffr on November 26th, 2011 10:12 am (UTC)
This is really an amazing fanmix, thanks! <3
Lenileni_ba on December 6th, 2011 08:31 am (UTC)
This was lovely! I'm keeping almost all of it. thanks!